What is CPD?

By visiting this website you have some idea that Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is required by your registering body. For Anaesthetic Technicians in N.Z. you must be able to provide evidence you have undertaken at least 60 hours of CPD activities within a 3-year period.

Many health care workers are not aware of what can be counted as CPD. For example ODPs (Operating Department Practitioners) in U.K. can actually claim music lessons as CPD.  Most bodies count mentoring a student for a day as 8 hours CPD. So it is best that you do read what is required for your specific profession as each body has a guide on their websites. A common theme is that a variety of CPD is important and that a little more often is a preferred way. The key is recording everything as you do it as you will forget it a couple of months later on.

The Medical Sciences Council guidelines for CPD are found here:


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